4. wxWidgets – Menus & Toolbars

December 14, 2021 amit 1

OVERVIEW In this section, we deal with menubars with submenus as well as toolbars. These are standard GUI artifacts and provide global navigational capabilities. The […]

3d. wxWidgets – Panels

December 13, 2021 amit 1

OVERVIEW Panels are the basic containers which are used while creating UI layouts. They are created within the main wxFrame and help create top-level grouping […]

3b. wxWidgets -Application Icon

December 13, 2021 amit 1

OVERVIEW Adding an application icon is fairly simple. However the behaviour may differ based on the underlying OS. The standard behaviour of an application icon […]

3a. wxWidgets – Simple Window

December 13, 2021 amit 1

OVERVIEW We create two windows in the sample program below. SAMPLE CODE window1.h window1.cpp window2.h window2.cpp main.h main.cpp The output is shown below: