5b-4. wxWidgets – FlexGridSizer

December 20, 2021 amit 0

OVERVIEW The difference between wxGridSizer and wxFlexGridSizer is that in wxFlexGridSizer, rows can have different heights and columns can have different widths. For eg. in […]

5b-1. wxWidgets – wxBoxSizer

December 17, 2021 amit 0

OVERVIEW The wxBoxSizer sizer is the simplest sizer. It can arrange controls either horizontally or vertically. A wxBoxSizer can be horizontal or vertical. A vertical […]

5.wxWidgets – Layouts

December 17, 2021 amit 0

OVERVIEW The main power of wxWidgets is in its layout management. All modern UI frameworks are responsive i.e the GUI arranges itself based on changes […]

4c. wxWidgets – Toolbar

December 14, 2021 amit 1

OVERVIEW Toolbars are a band of icons, with or without text which span across the length or breadth of a window. They can contain controls […]