Working with MySQL in VC++

September 21, 2023 amit 0

OVERVIEW One of the chief advantages of using Mysql databases in VC++ is that it is incredibly fast. Since almost every application which uses MySQL […]

Using libcurl in VC++

November 12, 2022 amit 0

OVERVIEW In this blog post, we take a look at how to setup libcurl for use within Visual Studio. This has been tested in Visual […]

Rotate an Array

April 17, 2022 amit 0

OVERVIEW We see how to rotate elements in an array both right and left a certain number of times. We use the mod operator to […]

Javascript – Promises

April 12, 2022 amit 0

OVERVIEW Promises are a way of handling asynchronous events in javascript. Prior to promises, the only true asynchronous feature was in XMLHttpRequest where ajax calls […]