11g.wxWidgets – Shapes

January 24, 2022 amit 0

OVERVIEW Apart from the basic rectangles and lines, there are more complex shapes which can be drawn: Ellipse, Rounded Rectangle, Arc, Circle, Splines and Polygons. […]

11f.wxWidgets – Gradient

January 24, 2022 amit 0

OVERVIEW A Gradient is a gradual transition in a color from one shade to another. This is useful for complex coloring and effects. wxWidgets provides […]

11e. wxWidgets – Regions

January 24, 2022 amit 0

OVERVIEW Regions are used to change colors in certain areas of the screen by defining different regions and using one of the 4 operations available: […]

11.wxWidgets – Graphics

January 24, 2022 amit 0

OVERVIEW We now look at how to do 2d graphics in wxWidgets. Displaying graphics is different from displaying text – you need something called a […]

10.wxWidgets – Drag & Drop

January 15, 2022 amit 1

OVERVIEW wxWidgets provides functionality to do drag and drop between its various UI widgets. One widget is designated as the source and another widget is […]