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How to Create a Facebook Fan Page


10:42 How to use Collaborative Editing in Google Docs


List of Sensors in an Android Phone


A small utility to display the list of Sensors present in an Android phone. For those who are not interested in the code, the installable apk file is provided as a downloadable link at the end of this article. The Activity class package com.example.listsensors; import java.util.List; import android.os.Bundle; import android.hardware.Sensor; import android.hardware.SensorManager; import; import android.content.Context; import android.view.Menu; import android.widget.TextView; …Continue reading →

The Complete


5 Part Video series on using 1.Intro Video 2.Video 1 – Signup 3.Video 2 – Adding a Pin 4.Video 3 – Boards & Followers 5.Video 4 – Final Tips

How to retrieve content from a WordPress database directly

2013-06-26 16-59-48

WordPress is the world’s most popular blogging platform and is used by millions of websites. It has been converted and customized to almost any kind of website imaginable. This article is if you want to retrieve content from a WP database without having to go through WP code or functions. Just straight access to the WP database using SQL. We …Continue reading →

Roll out your own Tab UI using HTML and JQuery


WHY RECREATE THE WHEEL? There are lot of tab controls out there, both using plain javascript and others using Jquery,  so why the need to create our own.  There are two reasons for doing this: Sometimes changing an existing control requires more time and effort than you are willing to put in. Its a learning experience and your own code …Continue reading →

Scheduling a Task to run repeatedly in Android


There are times when an app needs to run at specific times without user intervention. Something very similar to cronjobs in Linux and Scheduled Tasks in Windows. Android has a built-in AlarmManager class which makes scheduling tasks very easy. What we will do is to setup an Activity to be run at 00:01:00 every day i.e 1 minute past midnight. …Continue reading →

How to Fetch Data from a Website using AsyncTask


One good built-in check in Android development is the fact if any network operation is done, the compiler flags an error if it is being executed in the main thread. So any code which is trying to access something outside the device, needs to be in a separate thread. AsyncTask is an excellent choice for this, because it is meant …Continue reading →

Reading/Writing user preferences file in Android internal memory


Often an app needs to save user preferences or related information. This can be easily saved in the device internal memory as a persistent file. This file can be used to read and write as required. In the sample code, we define a class called UserData which stores and retrieves various data fields. The actual purpose of the fields is …Continue reading →

How To Copy Supporting Files During apk Installation


For certain apps which require some supporting files to be part of the installation files or images, there needs to be a way of transferring the files from the apk installer to the device. The transfer does not happen automatically. We look at the steps to do this, below: STEP 1 Put all supporting files in the assets folder. …Continue reading →

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