10.wxWidgets – Drag & Drop

January 15, 2022 amit 0

OVERVIEW wxWidgets provides functionality to do drag and drop between its various UI widgets. One widget is designated as the source and another widget is […]

9c. wxWidgets – wxScrolledWindow

January 13, 2022 amit 1

OVERVIEW wxWidgets provides a class called wxScrolled<T> which is a template for specialized scrolling classes. It has two implementations of this class: wxScrolledCanvas wxScrolledWindow In […]

9b.wxWidgets – wxNoteBook

January 13, 2022 amit 1

OVERVIEW A wxNotebook is basically a tab control which lets you group controls together in tab sections. In the sample code below, we create a […]

9.wxWidgets – Widgets Part 2

January 12, 2022 amit 1

OVERVIEW Under this section we look at some more advanced widgets. 9.Widgets Part 2 9a. wxListBox 9b.wxNoteBook 9c. wxScrolledWindow 9d. wxGrid

8f.wxWidgets – wxSlider

January 6, 2022 amit 1

OVERVIEW wxSliders allow the user to control a range of values , which represent the starting and ending point of the slider. Every time the […]

8d.wxWidgets – wxStaticLine

January 6, 2022 amit 1

OVERVIEW wxStaticLine lets you draw horizontal or vertical lines in a window. The default style is horizontal unless your specify a wxLI_VERTICAL style. For both […]