10 Most Popular FTP Clients

Well I just wanted to put out a small list of the best or the most used FTP Clients which I personally found worth mentioning. Don’t get me wrong… there are many more FTP Clients which I haven’t put up here …but since I had to choose from a pool of them… I came up with this short list of my personal BEST 🙂 .

If you think there is some other Client worth adding to the list do let me know … I would appreciate the suggestion and the feedback.

Well I hope this list helps a few people in finding what they want when it comes to their file transfer needs or secure file transfers. Enjoy.


1. FileZilla – All platforms ( free )


2. SmartFTP – Windows ( free & paid )


3. FireFTP – All platforms with Firefox ( free )


4. WinSCP – Windows ( free )


5. Cyberduck – Mac & Windows ( free )


6. FlashFXP – Windows ( free & paid )


7. CuteFTP – Mac & Windows ( free & paid )


8. WS_FTP – Windows ( trial & paid )


9. GoFTP – All platforms ( free & paid )


10. CoffeeCup – Windows

Free FTP –  ( free )

Direct FTP( trial & paid )


  1. Have you thought about doing an updated version of the post? There are some really interesting clients that could be added to this list like Webdrive which mounts a driveletter to ftp servers, but also supports connections to Dropbox, Onedrive and s3. http://www.webdrive.com is the website if your interested.

  2. A good list of FTP clients, but can’t wait to see the 2017 update! However, I think FTP clients are definitely losing ground to other options such as web rtc. This is likely due to issues of security and speed. Businesses and confidential doc related transfers also tend to seek out other solutions. For work related large file transfers I’d take a look at Innorix DS.

  3. I think you had listed whatever commonly available in market. Among all FTP the best one is CuteFTP, its very fast. Interface is not clumsy. Also Try Integrated FTP with Notepad++ is also good. Till now I have not find any compititor for CuteFTP, all the way its good.

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