Amazing Dynamic Sculptures – Strobe Sculptures

Dynamic sculptures are works of art which mix beauty with physical motion so that the end result is visually stunning. What makes these works special is that the creator needs to have a deep knowledge and skill of multiple disciplines eg.painting and physics, sculpture and electronics. Obviously there are not many such people but the few who exist have astonished the world with the beauty and complexity of their creations.

Strobe Sculptures by John Edmark

John Edmark is an inventor and designer who teachers design in Stanford. He creates dynamic sculptures using 3d printed objects crafted to mathematical precision and mixes it with light and movement to create hypnotic moving models. In his own words “I strive to give viewers access to the surprising structures hidden within apparently amorphous space”.  His most celebrated creations are known as the Fibonacci Structures because they implement the mathematical Fibonacci series in their geometrical structure. He created 9 models under this series and out of that, Bloom-V4 is the most well known and striking in appeal.












This model is generated using 3d printing and then it is rotated at a particular speed and is captured on video with a specific shutter speed. The effect is a hypnotic movement of the model. The creation of the model in Bloom-V4 is influenced by the structure of the petals in a sunflower of the structure of a pinecone.




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