Amazing Dynamic Sculptures – Kinetic Creations of Bob Potts

Dynamic sculptures are works of art which mix beauty with physical motion so that the end result is visually stunning. What makes these works special is that the creator needs to have a deep knowledge and skill of multiple disciplines eg.painting and physics, sculpture and electronics. Obviously there are not many such people but the few who exist have astonished the world with the beauty and complexity of their creations.

Kinetic Sculptures of Bob Potts

72 year old Bob Potts, lives in upstate New York and spends most of his time in an 1850 barn which is his workshop cum office to  create amazing natural movements found in nature by modelling natural objects like birds , insects and fishes using various metals like steel, aluminium, bronze, copper and brass along with wood. He then combines these materials with cranks, levers and gears- most of which are made by him, to create natural movements.









His creations require a lot of time and hard work and take up to a year to complete. In spite of the complexity and precision of his work, he does not use computers at all and relies on old-school carpentry and mechanical engineering to create his designs. That gives his creations a certain old-world charm while yet retaining a modern look and feel.

His method of work generally starts with a vision which he has in mind and then he tries to think up the mechanics and materials that will bring that vision into the real world. Often the end result turns out to be different from his vision, but he says that gives him  great satisfaction.



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