Amazing Dynamic Sculptures – Paper Sculptures

Dynamic sculptures are works of art which mix beauty with physical motion so that the end result is visually stunning. What makes these works special is that the creator needs to have a deep knowledge and skill of multiple disciplines eg.painting and physics, sculpture and electronics. Obviously there are not many such people but the few who exist have astonished the world with the beauty and complexity of their creations.

Paper Sculptures of Li Hongbo

Li Hongbo is a master artist from Beijing, China who did his Masters in Fine Arts and specialises in paper sculptures. His amazing paper sculptures are exhibited all around the world.

His unique technique of creating his dynamic paper sculptures comes from mixing traditional Chinese paper art with modern sculpting techniques. That art is known as using honeycomb paper and is used a lot in China, specially to make paper toys. Imagine the traditional collapsible paper lamp which can be collapsed into flat layers of paper and then extend that model to complicated structures .  That is how Hongbo creates his paper structures. You can pick them up from one end and stretch them like an accordion.























He has done a lot of study into the texture and material of paper and utilises that knowledge to stretch and bend paper. A single work of his takes up thousands of pieces of paper and can take months to complete.



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