Checklist of applications to install

A reference list of all installed apps required for use on FreeBSD 8.0 or later

abiword – Word processing application

aterm – Better alternative to xterm

firefox – browser

fluxbox – window manager

filezilla – ftp client

gcolor2 – color picker utility

gkrellm – system monitoring util

linux-base-f10  – fedora linux compatibility base libraries

linux-f10-flashplugin – flash plugin for firefox and other browsers

mysql 5.x – mysql server and client

apache22 – apache http server

php5.x – php

opera – browser

portsnap – port updater tool

portaudit – port security tool

portmaster – port installer

putty – ssh tool

subversion – svn version control

vim – editor

xpdf – pdf viewer

xnview – image capture and processing utility

ffmpeg – audio/video conversion tool

xmms – mp3 player

mplayer – video player

Selenium – Firefox add-on for automated web testing

siege – web stress testing tool fromn joe dog sofware

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