Setting Background Wallpaper in Fluxbox

First of all you need images to show as wallpaper. You can easily get them from various wallpaper sites on the web. Make sure you store the files in a single directory – you can organize them into sub-directories if there are too many.

Install feh which is an application for viewing images. This is in /usr/ports/graphics .
There are other wallpaper setting applications which can be used:

  • Esetroot
  • wmsetbg
  • feh
  • hsetroot
  • chbg
  • display
  • qiv
  • xv
  • xsri
  • xli
  • xsetbg

Once installed, run fbsetbg (fluxbox set background) . Run it first with fbsetbg -i which makes sure that there is a suitable application to set the wallpaper. You can now set the background wallpaper by using the command

fbsetbg -f /path/to/graphic/file

Eg. fbsetbg -f /var/data/wallpaper.jpg

You can even specify wildcards and fbsetbg will set the first matching file as the wallpaper.

Given below is a sample full-blown fluxbox installation.


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