Fetchmail using PHP and Dojo


Fetchmail was written to let me check POP3 emails anywhere using just a browser. It was also an exercise to run the latest version of Dojo (v.1.2) through its tracks. Though Dojo is purported to be working on the new versions of FF,Safari and IE, I am not sure about IE. I still get the page all skewed up in some versions of IE. So for best results I would suggest to use FF or Safari.

I havent used Dojo through and through for client-side code. Most of the UI is Dojo based, while most of the javascript is standard DHTML with some Dojo functions used here and there. The Dojo footprint is quite large and the page can take a few seconds to load at first.

For the core POP3 and MIME decoding classes I used the excellent classes by Manuel Lemos. I made some slight alterations to the existing code and added a wrapper class to act as the intermediary between the UI code and the backend code.

Any feedback on Fetchmail is welcome. I have plans of adding more functionality to it.


  • v.1.0 (Oct.23,2008)
    • First public beta release

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