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For programmers who often have to search out tech articles or code, the first item of choice is generally google. Some of us have a few favorite sites for particular skillsets and we go and search on them first. When everything fails, google is always the first or last option. is a human indexed ‘mother of all directories’. For the uninitiated, it was around since google was not even born. The advantage of using to search out information is that its very very focussed.

If you do a search for “c# code” it will only show you technical sites containing c# stuff. And you get all related categories in the same page. In other words, you can find what you’re looking for faster in than in google. I have found this to be true of programming and software sites (since I generally search for those mostly). I dont know if the same is true for other topics. But , if you havent used, its worth a try.

Search for ‘c# code’ in

Search for ‘c# code’ in

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