Amazing Dynamic Sculptures – Jennifer Townley’s Mechanical Sculptures

Dynamic sculptures are works of art which mix beauty with physical motion so that the end result is visually stunning. What makes these works special is that the creator needs to have a deep knowledge and skill of multiple disciplines eg.painting and physics, sculpture and electronics. Obviously there are not many such people but the few who exist have astonished the world with the beauty and complexity of their creations.

Kinetic Sculptures of Jennifer Townley

Netherlands based Jennifer is an independent artist who specialises in slow-moving mechanical sculptures. The sculptures are powered by electric motors and the movement of the model creates optical illusions and repetitive patterns. Her models all have smooth movements without any sharp jerks and are shaped just as smooth.













She uses her knowledge of physics, engineering, science and mathematics to come up with these sculptures. She always starts with a simple circular motion, which is done by a rotary machine and then converts it into a complicated chaotic movement . Yet the end result is of pleasing smoothness and balance. Her interest in human perception helps her to create models which alternate between creating a sense of tension and relief.

Her most famous work is the Asinas, which is a simple cubic representation of the double helix found in our DNA. It is made of wood and metal and various motor and mechanical components. She has tried to show how creation takes place in nature by repeating and alternating simple geometric shapes.


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