Free PHP Books To Download

Given below is a list of the best books for learning basic and advanced PHP books in downloadable PDF format.

Developing PHP Applications for IBM Servers

Authors: Whei-Jen Chen, Holger Kirstein, Daniel Krook, Kiran H Nair & Piotr Pietrzak

Pages: 448

Download Link


The Underground PHP And Oracle Manual

Authors: Christopher Jones & Alison Holloway

Pages: 362

Download Link



The Pear Installer Manifesto

Author:  Gregory Beaver

Pages: 300

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Building Online Communities With phpBB 2

Authors: Stoyan Stefanov, Jeremy Rogers, Mike Lothar

Pages: 358

Download Link


Practical PHP Testing

Author: Giorgio Sironi

Pages: 61

Download Link



PHP – Introduction To Server-Side Programming

Author: Charles Liu

Pages: 73

Download Link



PHP Power Programming

Authors: Andi Gutmans, Stig Saether Bakken & Derek Rethans

Pages: 720

Download Link



PHP Reference – Beginner to Intermediate PHP5

Author: Mario Lurig

Pages: 163

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