What I got for being a DZone contributor

DZone informed me in late 2012,that I was one of the top contributors in 2012, and as a mark of appreciation, they were sending me some free gifts.

I got the parcel today and I was very pleased to receive it. Consider the fact that I am in India and DZone took the trouble of sending me the parcel all the way from USA, at their own cost. That fact itself speaks very highly of them.



What I got:

  • A black T-shirt with <dev> written in large white letters and the DZone logo on the sleeve.
  • A stack of DZone monogrammed notes
  • Foam darts with two shooters, as part of a game called ICBM (Inter Cubicle Ballistic Missiles) to fire at your colleagues in office
  • A PDA/smartphone holder from Data Nerd
  • Hard copies of various Ref cards

Thanks a lot , DZone. I hope others also get motivated to submit more posts after reading this article.



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