What makes the Rockmelt browser different?

rockmelt browser
Rockmelt browser

There are lots of browsers available on the web. Check out our post which lists all the browsers.

What is Rockmelt? It is a Windows based browser, which is based on Chromium – the open source engine which powers Google Chrome. What makes it special and different is that it has very tight integration with Facebook and Twitter. In other words, it is a browser which is based on the concept of sharing.

The integration with Facebook is so tight that you cant start the browser unless you login to your FB account. The Twitter login is optional.

rockmelt browser
Rockmelt browser

What this might lead to, at some point of time, is a platform where Facebook friends are all browsing the same sites in real -time. Maybe this is going to be the future of web browsing.

What is our take on it?


  •     Easy,user friendly and customised interface
  •     Instant notification
  •     All notifications from your favourite sites on left hand side of the browser
  •     Online friend list from facebook on right hand side, so that you can do your work and chat side by side.
  •     ‘Quiet mode’ option deactivates all the activity when you don’t want anyone to disturb you.
  •     No need of going to facebook all the time- you can make new posts, check the updates, chat in the same interface.
  •     One-click Sharing


  •     Of no use to the person who isn’t interested in social networks
  •     Need a facebook login
  •     Asks for too many access parameters before login. Could cause privacy problems as far as sharing your browsing experience is concerned.


Rockmelt can be downloaded from here


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