Best selected Icon sets of 2011

This is a list of a few specific sites with icon-sets for very niche areas.

These are a few icon collections I found from individual blogs and other sites which are not just made for serving icons over the Internet.

So I hope this helps out someone in finding what they specifically wanted for their work or site. 🙂

Do let me know if you think any other link is worth adding to the list but do remember this list only comprises of those site links which only have one or two such icon sets or collections & are not meant to provide just icons / icon-sets

Like for example we won’t include because this site is made only for icons and nothing else.
The list for such specific sites which ONLY provide icons and icon-sets will also be posted very soon. 🙂

1. – free


2. – free


3. – free & paid


4. – free


5. – free


6. – free


7. – free


8. – free


9. – free


10. – free


11. – free


12. – free


13. – free


14. – free


15. – free


    • Yeah iconspedia is a nice one as well… but as I tried to explain above that this list contains only those icon-sets which are available on such sites which are not just meant for icons only.

      Each icon-set is just a part of some site which actually provides different kinds of content , and not just icons.
      But I am glad you went through it to make a nice suggestion 🙂 Thanks.

      Have a nice day !!!

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