Web Projects

Pattern Maker
Platform: PHP 5.6, SVG, Javascript

Summary: A web based tiling pattern generator from raster images using SVG transformations. Usage of Wallpaper Group algorithms.
Zoom Embedded Meetings
Platform: PHP 5.6, Node.JS, Zoom API & SDK

Summary: A custom web-app which allows creation of Zoom Meetings using multiple Zoom accounts via the Zoom SDK. Meetings can then be embedded in any web page for integration into third party applications. Uses the Zoom Web API for the actual meeting display. The backend meeting app is in PHP. The front end embedded app runs on Node.JS.
Platform: Java Spring, AWS

Summary: A decision making tool based on patented algorithm by Dr.Eric Baum.
Cabala & Numerology Report Generator
Platform: PHP, MySQL, SVG, FPDF

Summary: An online tool to generate detailed Cabala reports for a person based on the Hebrew system of Cabala. Contains all algorithms to generate pdf and cabala diagrams and an audio report. NDA does not allow screenshots or further information.
Platform: PHP, MySQL

Summary: An online portal for builders and concreters to post and win contracts. Google Map based location and search functions.
Platform: PHP, WebAudio

Summary: A web based music loop-creater using the WebAudio specification. Loops can be created by mixing instruments and the resulting loop downloaded as an MP3 file.
Platform: PHP, Wordpress, Recurly, Woocommerce, Fosdick, HasOffers

Summary: An ecommerce site selling pet food and accessories running on Wordpress with Woocommerce combined with Recurly for subscriptions, Fosdick for deliveries and HasOffers for affiliate tracking.
Platform: PHP, XML, MySQL

Summary: An web based business app handling appointments, customers, invoices, quotations and reminder mails . Excellent for small business and professionals.
Platform: PHP, XML

Summary: An XML based custom CMS to manage content and files for a property portfolio company .
Platform: PHP, Mysql, LinkedIn API

Summary: Manage first-level, second-level and Out of Network LinkedIn contacts across multiple accounts while filtering duplicate connections.
Platform: PHP, Wordpress

Summary: A customer flowers deals aggregator running with a Wordpress framework.
Platform: PHP

Summary: A custom built multilingual CMS in English,Chinese and Russian for an overseas investments consultancy
Platform: PHP

Summary: A deal aggregator for mobile phone instruments and mobile networks in UK and Ireland.
Platform: PHP

Summary: Ireland and UK's most popular deals coupon website. Completely automated feed fetching and filtering. Very robust. Handles a few thousand deals a day. Integration with Constant Contact for subscribers and newsletter sending.
Platform: PHP

Summary: New York based online ordering and delivery application for liquor. Uses geolocation to automatically locate liquor merchants near your area. Instant order notification to merchant on online payment.
Platform: PHP

Summary: Ireland's largest discount website, revamped and completely automated business processes.
Platform: NET 3.5 using c#

Summary: A complete ASP.NET port of Cometchat, which is a popular php based chatting application. Uses SQL Server as backend.
Platform: PHP4, Mysql, AJAX (OpenRico)

Summary: A headline posting website under various categories with rating and commenting features. Comprehensive admin backend.
Platform: PHP 5.2, Mysql 5, flash

Summary: Multilingual online radio station and music portal.
Platform: PHP 5.2, Mysql 5, Google Maps, WordPress

Summary: Incorporating google maps based search of financial data. Google maps implemented as a Wordpress plugin.
Platform: PHP 5.2, Mysql 5, Smarty Templates

Summary: We have worked and built various modules for this web application including: integrating social network fetures, paypal integration etc.
Platform: PHP 5.2, Mysql 5

Summary: A website cum blogging platform for the largest event of its kind in the world. All content is CMS driven. The custom CMS enables multiple authors to create blogs, and merge content with images and videos. Ad Management, Photo Manager and membership management included.
Platform: PHP 5, MySql 5

Summary: A web-based backend app for an Australian company which takes care of govt.documents required to be filed by companies. Managing multiple contacts, clients & documents. Custom messaging module which handles receiving-sending of messages via query forms or email.
Platform: ASP.NET 2.0, C#, MySql, Microsoft MSMQ, AT&T Natural Voices TTS1.4

Summary: A website which converts various documents into speech. It lets users upload text, MS Word docs, ppt, PDF files, web pages etc, which are then converted into an mp3 file containing the spoken text. Users have choices of several voices and languages.
Profile Book for the Pittsburgh Zoo
Platform: ASP 3.0, MySql 5.1

Summary: Profile Book is a database repository for storing details of all members of the Pittsburgh Zoo Board. It enables uploading of pictures and storing detailed personal and professional data of each board member. The database is searchable and members can create/edit their own profiles.
Platform: ASP.NET 2.0 , MS SQL Server 2005

Summary: A major online newspaper site from Nigeria. The content is totally driven by a comprehensive CMS. Facility to archive articles, setup polls, run banner ads, upload images and videos ae dome of the features present in the admin backend.
Platform: Apache Tomcat JSP, Mysql

Summary: A corporate website with a backend database of brokers, allowing brokers to log in and view internal content. All pages and content are generated by a custom-made CMS (Content Mgmt System) using which the company is able to publish and edit pages easily.
Platform: ASP 3.0, MS SQL Server, MS Site Server Commerce

Summary: A global opportunites and job portal. We did the backend coding and server maintenance.
Platform: PHP, AJAX (Prototype Library), Google Maps

Summary: Google Maps linked to video metasearch and user tagging to various locations around the earth.
Platform: ASP 3.0, MySql

Summary: A product website with paid purchases and license manager. We coded the backend license manager and purchase module.
Platform: PHP, Mysql, AJAX

Summary: Stream live TV channels from round the world. All data is driven via a database.
VReel Media Search Engine
Platform: PHP

Summary: A real-time meta search engine for movies, tv shows and videos. Searches IMDB and various other torrent and video sites . Incorporates fast caching to bring up results instantly.
Platform: PHP, Mysql, Wordpress Blogs, phpBB Bulletin board

Summary: A medical information portal run by a registered General Practitioner. Content is database driven from a comprehensive admin backend. Integrated medical blogs and bulletin board.
Platform: PHP, MySQL

Summary: A Music media distribution and artist/DJ launching site based in Australia. The entire content is CMS driven and the site supports a very comprehensive Outlook-style email module for the admin backend. See Admin backend screenshot.
FBSS Social Shopping
Platform: PHP, Facebook API

Summary: A plugin module for php based e-commerce websites, which allows a user to get recommendations and opinions from his facebook friends list, about a product, before purchasing the product.
Platform: ASP 3.0, SQL Server 2000, MS SiteServer Commerce

Summary: An ecommerce portal for selling USB and CD media. We maintain the site and do backend coding.
30sports.com (mapping module)
Platform: ASP. AJAX, Google Maps

Summary: Showing sports people and events on a google map with information windows for each marker.
Platform: PHP, Mysql

Summary: Video metasearch website to search, play and download videos from the most popular video websites on the web.
ePDQ Payment Gateway for Arcenciel.com
Platform: PHP

Summary: Implenting Barclays Bank ePDQ payment gateway for the website and automating the entire payment process.
Platform: PHP, AJAX (Prototype Library)

Summary: An AJAX based search interface which lets the user search over 300 different search engines and data formats.

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Some days back I wanted to setup a landing page for a web app which I am planning to Read More..


Some days back I wanted to setup a landing page for a web app which I am planning to Read More..

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