Android Projects

LIT Lessons
Summary: A free online app for lessons taught in LIT- Dharamsala, India to be available to everyone. Lessons are divided into categories and subjects. Each lesson contains text, images and live video. Lessons are entered into a server using a web based appliction, by the LIT staff.
Shaurya - The Alphabets
Summary: A very easy way for pre-school kids to learn the English alphabet. Lets them write by hand as well as hear the pronunciation.
Summary: Android app version of - Complete business management system for professionals and small businesses. Incorporates Appointments manager, Customers, Invoicing & Quotations with custom templates, Financial reporting.
Summary: Android app version of - Online marketplace for concreters to look for jobs posted by builders. Uses Google Maps.
Summary: Send an audio message to any email id in the world.

My Blog is a class which allows a VTK rendering in a wxPython window. This class is available here:

The preferred way of installing Eclipse in Ubuntu is to go to the official Eclipse site, download the package and manually install it. The reason being that the Read More..

  • Since the official Ubuntu repository is likely to have a dated wxWorks version , the best option is to download the source code and compile it
  • From Read More..

If you want to redirect all HTTP requests to HTTPS , then this is something that is done at the server level; in this case it will be handled by Apache Tomcat. It is Read More..

28 Jan,2021 - amit

This is a quick and small program in C# to get started with MIDI programming using NAudio. There are other libraries for .NET which can be used for MIDI programming Read More..


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