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URL masking by encrypting query string

For many of my project I have written code which simply a link having some parameters as query string in url to pass information from one page to another by using GET request. However there are situations when I want to hide the query string to avoid tempering by users. Many people suggest using POST instead of GET, but remembering …Continue reading →

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Installing latest PEAR and PHPUnit on Windows 7

For my recent project based on YII framework, I have to use PHPUnit for doing unit test.  My Local development environment is Windows 7 64 bit system. I have installed php 5.3.10, Apache 2.4 and MySQL 5. Problem for me start from beginning when I looked for go-pear.bat file on my c:\\php directory to install pear. I was unable to …Continue reading →

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List of Web Browsers with download links & official websites (updated July 2012)

There are lot of web browsers available apart from the well-known ones like  Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and, Safari. Due to an overwhelming response to our last year’s blog post  List of Web-Browsers with download links & official websites We have updated the list for 2012. Below we have a tabular format of information comprising of the …Continue reading →

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10 Most Popular FTP Clients

Well I just wanted to put out a small list of the best or the most used FTP Clients which I personally found worth mentioning. Don’t get me wrong… there are many more FTP Clients which I haven’t put up here …but since I had to choose from a pool of them… I came up with this short list of my …Continue reading →

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15 Best HTML5 games of 2011

There have been so many leaps of innovations made in the field of web development and web technologies. Who would’ve thought one day we would be able to create cool games just using HTML and JavaScript without the help of any other technology required to run it or support it except a browser ,which almost everyone has now a days …Continue reading →

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55 of the best Icon Downloads on Deviantart 2011

I have been putting up many such similar lists which suggested the Best and the Latest sets of icon collections and many other such website links for others to check them out, without having to browse all over the web. Now since I really felt that Deviantart is one of the best sites to find icon collections and much more …Continue reading →

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Top 50 Best Free & Paid Icon Sites

Previously I posted a short list of links for selected icon-sets or icon collections which had only those icon-sets which were in the corners of some website, but this time I thought I would post a long list of websites that have a huge extent of high quality diverse collections of icons Here is a list of the best sites …Continue reading →

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Best selected Icon sets of 2011

This is a list of a few specific sites with icon-sets for very niche areas. These are a few icon collections I found from individual blogs and other sites which are not just made for serving icons over the Internet. So I hope this helps out someone in finding what they specifically wanted for their work or site. Do let …Continue reading →

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List of Web-Browsers with download links & official websites

This list has been updated for 2012 and is available here Well these are a few of the names and their respective links of certain web-browsers over the Internet which you can find and use according to your needs. Most of the main ones you already know like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and more. Below we …Continue reading →

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