55 of the best Icon Downloads on Deviantart 2011

I have been putting up many such similar lists which suggested the Best and the Latest sets of icon collections and many other such website links for others to check them out, without having to browse all over the web.

Now since I really felt that Deviantart is one of the best sites to find icon collections and much more such artistic creations, I decided to dedicate a full blog post just to let you guys know which icon-sets I found to be the <b>best</b>.

And the cool thing about this list that every single icon collection mentioned here is <b>Free to download</b> directly from their pages πŸ™‚

So I hope you enjoy going through 55 of the most innovative and beautiful icon designs on Deviantart.
Have fun !!!

1. Albook extended 811 icons

2. Drink Web 2.0 Icon Pack

3. PixeloPhilia 32PX Icon Set

4. IconTexto Web 2.0 Inside

5. Twitter Icons TweetMyWeb 7

6. web 2 icon set

7. Paper feed icons

8. hydroxygen iconset

9. OnceAgain

10. MinIcons

11. Oxygen

12. isabi

13. Helix icons

14. Aeon

15. ALL ICONS pack “limewire”

16. Basic set

17. Realistic Icons Preview icons

18. 3D Cartoon Icons Pack III

19. Developpers Icons

20. Icon Set

21. Lucid Icons

22. iConPack now with psd

23. HP Dock Icon Set

24. Puck Icons Pack II

25. Yeti Box 2

26. Grzanka’s Icons

27. D-Squared

28. Devine Icons

29. Black and Blue Icons

30. Orb Icons Pack

31. Massive Media Icons Win

32. Christmas Icons 2007

33. Social Icons hand drawn

34. Token

35. Boolean 1 1

36. Onibari light

37. Sketched-up free iconset

38. facebook ui icons vector

39. ” ecqlipse 2 “

40. Leopar’d IconPackager

41. TextEdit

42. icon for transformers

43. Adobe CS3 full pack

44. Apple Mail Icons

45. AccBox

46. Windows Icons V1

47. ICON EverGreen

48. Remixed AddressBook Icons

49. Drop-Box Icon

50. Mailbox Icon

51. Yoritsuki icons

52. Concave Icons

53. Software Icons Pack

54. MP3 Players Icons

55. NeonX Icons


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