What Is Dotnet MiniAdmin?

DotnetMiniAdmin is the ASP.NET version of the very popular PHPMiniAdmin.
PHPMiniAdmin provides a very simple and lightweight web based interface to work with MySql databases. DotnetMiniAdmin provides the same functionality in ASP.NET . As far as we know, this is the only free and open source ASP.NET application of its kind.
This is a work in progress. We are glad to hear any feedback or bug reports or ideas for improving the application. Please direct all queries or suggestions to Amit Sengupta

  • Allows login settings to be stored in cookies
  • Lets you specify different character sets while working with databases
  • Tabular listing of table rows, databases and SELECT queries
  • Executes any SQL statement
  • Allows exporting of databases or importing of sql files
  • View database statistics and system information
Downloading and Using It

Can work in ASP.NET 2.0 and above. Written in completely managed C#. The downloadable file is a zip containing the entire project files.
Can be installed as a standalone web project or merged as part of another web project.
No settings required in web.config
You might get an error about the version of MySQL.net when you run the project. In such a case, remove the entry of MySql.net from web.config and add your installed Mysql.net using Add Reference. This will automatically update web.config with the correct version of Mysql.NET
Download version 1.1
Version History

Version 1.1 Added paging links for SELECT queries
Version 1.0 Released on March 14, 2012