Desktop Projects

PC Optimizer Pro
Platform: VB6

Summary: PC Optimizer Pro is a registry cleaning tool which cleans and fixes the Windows registry. Also incorporates a usage cleaner module which clears all internet usage, temporary files, browser caches, cookies, Media player histories etc.
Amazon API Application
Platform: Java 1.4, Amazon API, MySQL

Summary: This application retrieves information about products from using AWS (Amazon Web Services) and updates them in a database.
Web crawling Robot
Platform: Java 1.4

Summary: A web crawler to crawl over a million URLs from and then to find the Google PageRank, Alexa Ranking and Yahoo rank and Google Ads presence for each of the URLs.
Antiporn Filter
Platform: VB 6.0, Windows XP, 2000, 98

Summary: Anti porn filter for Internet Explorer to filter URLs and web content according to preset rules and blacklists. Also blocks unwanted IM programs, does realtime activity logging and timetable based browsing.
Escort Site Crawler
Platform: Java 1.4, XML, MySQL

Summary: The application crawls various escort websites in UK according to crawl parameters set by the user. The crawl application uses a metadata command language defined in XML and uses multiple threads to crawl data from escort sites and update them in a database for later viewing.
GotVision Audio Application <
Platform: JaVB 6, Windows XP, 2000, 98

Summary: This application lets a user to record affirmations using the microphone and then mix it with selected background music. The generated audio file is then normalised for volume and length. The user can burn the audio data as an audio or data CD.
Data Import/Export
Platform: Java 1.4, QuickBooks API, SQL Server, MS Access

Summary: Application to provide data export and import between the following file formats: MS Access, MS SQL Server, MS Excel, CSV text files and QuickBooks data files. The application allows graphical matching of tables and fields before doing a data exchange.
Secura USB Vault
Platform: VC++

Summary: A data security application which lets files and folders in any USB drive to be securely encrypted and hidden. All data is portable to another computer where the data can be decrypted using a user-defined password.
Network Connectivity Toolbox
Platform: VB 6.0, Windows XP, 2000, 98

Summary: A swiss-knife of various network connectivity diagnostic tools for dialup and DSL connections for Windows users.
Email Bounce Manager
Platform: C#, Sql Server, Windows XP, 2000 Server, 2003 Server

Summary: EBM is a Windows Service which connects to user-defined maiboxes and filters them for bounced mails using filtering rules. Bounced mails are optionally saved in a sql server database. Features multi-threaded POP3 clients which do super fast access and filtering of POP3 messages.
Cyberus - Parental Control Application
Platform: VC++, Windows XP, 2000, Windows Hebrew Version

Summary: Parental control application which works with Internet Explorer, Firefox and other popular browsers to filter URLs and web content according to preset rules and blacklists. Also blocks unwanted IM programs, does realtime activity logging and timetable based browsing. Runs in English and Hebrew mode.
Internet Usage Tracks Remover
Platform: VB 6.0, Windows XP, 2000, 98

Summary: An application to clean all personal data related to a Windows user. It cleans browser cache, history, cookies of IE, Netscape and Firefox. Chat histories of MSN and Yahoo are also cleared. Windows media history is cleaned. It lets users do a secure deletion of files and folder using military grade algorithms.
Disk Optimizer Pro
Platform: VC++, Windows 2000, XP, Vista

Summary: Disk Optimizer PRO is a disk defragmentation utility which defragments fragmented files and folders on the hard disk and speeds up disk operations. It works with all hard disks, USB drives and RAM disk and has support for very large disk partitions.
Software Specs to Rational Rose UML
Platform: Java 1.4, Rational Rose

Summary: Converts natural language software specs into formal OO specs for application development. Starting as a simple text file input where a software specification is written in plain text , it processes the file through 4 phases to generate Rational Rose OO models, which are readable in Rational Rose application.
WEBIt Email Blaster (WEBS)
Platform: C#, Sql Server 2000, Windows 2003 Server

Summary: Mission-critical Windows Service for sending outbound emails by connecting directly to the recipients' SMTP server. Handles thousands of emails per day and runs 24/7. Circumvents blocking by smtp servers. Does raw socket communication with SMTP servers and deliver emails with unlimited recipients, attachments and any charset type.
RegEx Module for English Nouns
Platform: VB.NET, Windows XP

Summary: VB.NET class for generating singular, plural, and possessive forms of an input phrase or word. Uses regular expressions and spell checking to return desired forms.

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