Case Studies

These are the various projects which I am/was working on, which I cannot mention by name either because I am bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or because the projects are white-labelled and I cannot claim credit.

Audio fingerprinting and Song Detection
Summary:  A complex project involving audio fingerprinting of songs and doing real-time detection of songs on live FM radio streams. The project took nearly 3 years to complete and involves servers to do audio processing, audio rigs to capture live radio output and send it to servers for processing. A web based front end to do statistics and dashboard analytics for users.

Technologies Used: Windows Server OS, Linux, .NET, C#, Python 2.7, Couchbase, Tokyo Tyrant & Tokyo Cabinet, MS SQL Server.
Website Traffic Generation
Summary: A Windows server based application which generates Google Analytics views for targetted websites. It generates a few hundred thousand views a day for websites, based on various configuration parameters. Intelligent use of proxies and multi-threading and embedded browser components allow it to deliver unique visitor views, referrals and specified session duration .

Technologies Used: Windows Server OS, .NET, PHP, MS SQL Server.
Community Marketplace Website
Summary: A community marketplace which lets buyers and sellers register and sell and buy goods from each other. Ratings, followers, profile pages, adding to favourites, user-to-user messaging and notifications, wallet management, blogs etc. are some of the main features in this portal.

Technologies Used: PHP MySql.

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